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Lead Plumbing does not only do general plumbing services but water heaters repair as well. Imagine you are running late to your work and it is very cold. You badly need the hot shower but your water heater is not working. This is where we could enter and answer you that we can repair that water heater in no time. Despite its many uses either for showers, heating water in general and in some cases, for industrial establishments, water heaters are not an easy feat to repair at a given time. You might suffer burns or be involved in electrocution accidents when you try to fix it on your own. That is why, our company is very glad to help, in case you would require our service and in case you’re wondering if there’s a water heater repair near me.

Our experts in Katy, TX are aware that in case you ran out of hot water for whatever purpose you would utilize it, give us a call and we would soon schedule an emergency repair on that heater of yours. You would be answered by our friendly customer service rep who will provide with the initial assessment and a free quotation as to how much it would entail. Remember that our pricing policy is the most affordable within the community, yet we certainly provide service with the most quality.    There is nothing more satisfying to us than providing the needed repair to our clients. Our services on repair and fixes would truly last longer and more stable. More so, our company has the dedication and commitment to serve you better.

When Do You Need to Call?

If you feel asking the question of a water heater repair near me, do not fret because we are readily available and can provide service for you anytime. Just so you know, you could make an initial observation as to how your water heater is operating. You could easily notice that something is wrong when the following is happening. Generally, when the water heater is producing unusual noise that does not happen when you have installed it up to the point you are hearing it already. Another is it heats the water at temperatures that your skin could not tolerate anymore. Or just excessive for your showering or any case, the water does not just heat up. Your water heater is also not performing well when the water that was being heated discolors or produces a foul- smelling substance. It just means there might be a  chemical reaction happening already and this cases needs immediate attention from you.

That is why in case this happens, do not hesitate to give us a call. We would happily provide the long-term fix that it needs. We would even suggest fixes that require replacement and further improvement of the water heater so that it won’t bother you anymore on further costly repairs. As we said, our company looks on the long-term relationship that we build with our customers. That is why our repairs and fixes do not aim at quick fixes that in the long run would just cost you more. That is not our creed in service; rather, we provide quality and longer- lasting service.

Water Heaters
Water Heater Service
Water Heaters In Katy TX

Water Heaters Repair – The Services We Provide

Our company encompasses a wide range of water heaters repair services for every customer to choose from. We offer repair for the following types of water heaters.

  • Gas Type of HeatersEven with the costly installation of this type of water heater, the advantage of having this type is that it costs less in the long run, compared to the next type of water heaters. Another unique advantage for this one is its ability to run even without the supply of running electricity or power. It’s simple mechanical component are a gas burner and thermostat.
  • Electric Type – The major advantage with this type is that it costs less when purchased on the first hand. The downside, since it runs on electricity, would be the expected rise in the monthly bill. Another downside, no electricity means no way this thing would work.
  • Tankless Water Type – This also has a significant advantage over the other types as it conserves the most energy among them. It is so efficient that it would not contribute to any rising amount in your utility bills.

Rest assured that our company is flexible with all these types of water heaters because our experts have the right knowledge and proper training needed to work on this type of devices. This is a proof that what we are marketing are real and not just a front aimed to fool you. We have a wide selection of services and products that we could get for you in case of replacement or total re-installation of the water heater.

Water Heaters Repair Service – Why Us?

Lead Plumbing is the best option you would choose out there. Whenever you feel asking for a water heaters repair service that would be able to accommodate your needs, the right company for you to call is us. Our company is built on the strong foundation and reputation of providing the highest quality service every plumbing company could provide. Water heater repair is one of our many business forte and you are in the right hands when it comes to the service you would be having. The set of employees and technical experts coming across our team are people highly skilled, punctual, courteous and respectful of every customer.

In case of emergencies, we are available 24/7 and we always have on stand-by personnel ready to cater for your needs whenever or wherever you are here in Katy, Texas. The personnel we have possess the necessary technical training and certificates so that we are sure the person working on your water heaters know what they are doing. We offer free estimates whenever you would ask for a quotation and give you tips and advice as to how to maintain your water heater running smoothly. We also work fast and yet we totally adhere to the highest value of quality work. We have a wide range of products and services that would enable you to choose the best, together with our best advice and suggestions. Give us a call and we would be very glad to be of service to you.