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Kitchen Plumbing for Clean and Easy Food Preparation

Plumbing is an important service. Good, clean and constant water supplies, plus reliable waste water and sewage drainage is also essential.  This applies equally at home as it does in commercial offices, industrial premises or public buildings, like a school or a hospital. If there are problems with any of these systems then it is important that you can call on a reliable and professional plumbing service.  If you live in Katy TX, then please get in touch with Lead Plumbing.  Our plumbers are licensed, ensured and qualified to undertake this work.  We are available 24/7 throughout the year. Our estimated time of arrival, if you have an emergency, is 20 minutes.

In the kitchen, where food is served and cleared away, it is important that there are no kitchen plumbing problems.  Drainage can be an area of real concern.  This could mean sinks not draining properly. The same could apply in the shower unit, wash basins, bath, and especially troubling, the toilet.  This could be because there is a problem in that particular unit.  For example, the “U bend” is clogged in the sink, because too many fat and solids have entered it.  However, this could be a more general problem with parts or all of the drainage piping. If you start having major problems, do not hesitate to contact us in Katy PlumbingOld piping will deteriorate over time. This could well produce increasing problems.  This then results in blocked drains.

Get Rid of Bathroom Plumbing Problems

In the bathroom or the comfort room, you may start to have real problems with a blocked toilet.  Again, this could be down to problems with the toilets U bend, etc. It may, however, go all the way out to the sewage line.  This is the drainage pipe which connects the homes waste water and sewage drainage with the city’s main drainage system. Any bathroom plumbing problems you may have could be the result of a partly blocked and deteriorating sewage line. If you, or your family, or alternatively work colleagues, if this is in some commercial premises, start noticing an increasing unpleasant odor outside or maybe coming from the toilet or bathroom area, this could mean a sewage line problem. This means a problem with the sewage venting system.  Mold starting to grow is another indicator. Strange new patches of very green grass and vegetation mean that this may have been fertilized by the leaking sewage. 

There are a number of things we can do at Lead Plumbing.  We have a fiber optic camera that can be sent down the sewage line. This can identify specific areas where they may be a breakage, or a blockage. This could be an aging pipe system, ground movements, and  intruding roots from nearby trees and bushes. All the fats, food waste etc .will build up along the walls, constricting the flow of waste water. This starts to hold more waste water back.  This could result in poor and uneven drainage.

Kitchen And Bathroom
Bathroom Plumbing Service
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Kitchen Plumbing No More Clogged Drains

Lead Plumbing `will make sure there is no damage when repairs are undertaken.  We dig small holes around the damaged section of the sewage line, at the beginning and end of the break. We introduce a new pipe which is seamless.  This is made from modern material. It is durable and long lasting.  This is fed through the existing pipe.  Areas will be filled in and sealed. There will be no need for a new trench to be dug.  This is a “trench-less” method. Driveways, lawns and yards will not be ripped open, using this method.
You will recoup most of the payment pretty quickly. There were no problems affecting laundry areas, kitchens, bathrooms or toilets. You will not be having unpleasant odors drifting around the property. This will be a total “no- no”, if you ever wanted to sell your property. 

Our plumbers at Lead Plumbing, can offer a warranty on our work. We also do an immediate post job check up, and a check up later on, to make sure everything is functioning properly.  We are a licensed company.  This includes all our employees. The license covers both commercial and residential companies. Our staff is fully qualified. We also make sure our staff is constantly updated on any new trends and developments in plumbing technology. If intruding roots are the “root” of the bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing problems, we can send a special cutter tool through the sewage line to cut these back.

Bathroom Plumbing and Other Plumbing Services

We offer a range of different services. Take bathroom plumbing as an example. In any building there is a need for hot water. This is usually supplied by a hot water tank. This is generally heated by a gas or electric heating system. Lots of hot water may be heated up unnecessarily.  The tanks in time, corrode. Valves become loose valves, along with attachments. We can make adjustments, fix these problems and replace any faulty parts, if there are leaks. Thermostats may be faulty along with heating elements. 

Added to this, parts of Texas are in a hard water area. This is because much of the bedrock is limestone, which is calcium. Calcium and other elements build up around a water tank, and on electrical heating elements. This is called furring. The tank might start harboring bacteria, plus other kinds of debris will be building up in them. This will not only produce sour water, but also progressively reduce the efficient of boilers.  Heating bills will mount up. We can install a new water tank in Katy TX, but there is a more straightforward solution, a tank-less water heater. Only the water you need will be heated up. This can reduce heating bills by 40% .  You could gain an efficiency rating increase of an estimated 30%, over a  50- gallon water tank.  There will not be any hot water stored for no reason. There will not be any calcium, bacteria, and all the rest building up, either.