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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the emergency services you offer?

Lead Plumbing are emergency plumbing experts who provide complete plumbing services for both commercial and residential customers. Our well experienced and well trained plumbing experts are familiar with all the kinds of office, household, commercial and industrial plumbing systems. If something suddenly goes wrong with your sinks, showers, toilets, sewer pipes, grease traps, showers, we understand how essential a fast response could be. We can detect all your plumbing issues anytime of the day and we will explain you all the issues and solution and fix it the right way to ensure that you prevent these issues from happening again.

Do you manage emergency calls after work hours?

Certainly, here at Lead Plumbing we understand that major plumbing accidents and problems could arise any time of the day. This is the main reason why we provide our emergency service after work hours; therefore, you have somebody you can depend on when an emergency situation does occur.

How much does your plumbing service job cost and do you offer discounts for cash?

Because of the nature of plumbing job, as well as extreme differences of every home, we are not capable to offer job costing or estimates devoid of a lumber having first estimated or assessed to work site. The Lead Plumbing technicians will gladly come to your property, and assess the work requirements and then offer you a price before they start working the job.

In addition, no, you will find many reasons why we don’t discount cash sale. The largest is that our staff and technicians become personally in charge for any counterfeit and discrepancies bills.

When do you need a plumbing service?

Plumbing services are perfect for anyone who does not have the tools or time to troubleshoot or fix their own plumbing issues. Even an issue as mundane as bad and unbroken toilet, it might need plumbing service to help you if you are not capable of fixing the issues.

Plumbing operations have more complicated maintenance and deign requires than a simple problem. An issue in certain area could tell a need for a thorough inspection of the whole plumbing system, particularly if the problem is along with the water flow or fittings or leaking pipes. Whenever it is clear that you cannot manage your plumbing problem with a do it yourself solution like changing the broken handle or defective flapper, contact Lead Plumbing and we can offer you an in-person estimate on the issue.

When do I need a plumbing and drain cleaning services?

When you are having issues with your drains, which cleaning product could not fix, it might be the right time to call an expert drain cleaning service. If you experience the symptoms of a clogged drain, then our professionals could handle it. Some of the problems we could handle are damage in sewage system or drain pipe. With video inspections, we are able to see the damage, and solving the issues deep in your system that needed specialized equipment. When calling, be sure that that you inform is with the precise nature of any emergency.

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