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Our kitchen services are the experienced in the area. kitchen drainage and remodeling provided


When it comes to fixing bathroom leaks, we have years of experience working with all kinds of problems.


We at Lead Plumbing provide the best residential plumbing service in Katy, guaranteed.


We, offer a range of commercial plumbing in Katy TX packages to suit varying customer needs.

Other Things about Our Plumbing Services At Katy TX

Our company is insured and licensed to operate. Furthermore, make sure that all our employees are insured. If in case they will get injured inside your premises, the insurance will help them with thehospitalization bills.

Plumber Katy TX has the reputation of having Master Plumber which can ensure you of an excellent plumbing service. Before we let our plumbers practice their specialization, they have to undergo a lot of things like training so that we can produce excellent workers.

30 years of experience. Being in the business for over 30 years is a proof that we can serve all of the things you need. We have undergone ups and downs but still we stand apart from other plumbing companies out there.

About Us, Lead Plumbing, Katy, Texas

Lead Plumbing has served a lot of people especially in Texas for a few years now. We have licensed technicians that are committed enough to provide you with extraordinary commercial and residential plumbing services and likewise home inspections. If you have an emergency need or want to make remodeling of other parts of your home, you will always experience a friendly and effective service.

Our mission from the very beginning is to give or provide excellent customer service and workmanship that has a great quality and to educate all of the customers about their water and plumbing systems.

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Take a Glimpse of our Plumbing Services

  • Pipe repair – Do you know that there are a lot of pipes behind your walls, and floors? Do you know that there is a network for your water supply, and pipes? Since all of those things can leak, and burst, we are here to serve you. If you want long-lasting pipes, you can buy from us. We can guaranty you that our products work best for a long time. If you want to save, Plumbing Katy TX is your best option.
  • Water heater installation and repair – Installing water heater from not reliable source will let you encounter potential dangers. Aside from that, their water heater has poor performance and high costs. This is the reason why choosing Plumbing Katy TX can make a difference. By the way, we install water heater in an efficient fashion.
  • Drain cleaning – Since there are a lot of reasons why your drain is clogged, we can determine its root cause and make solutions as soon as possible. If in case, your drain is so filthy, we only ask the same amount of money. So you don’t have to worry.
  • General plumbing – Call Katy Plumbing TX to satisfy all of your plumbing needs. If you have either begun with your new build or you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, you can count on us. In terms of your plumbing, we are very much prepared to install what makes the plumbing system. When you need new pipes to be installed, we are ready. And if you have old pipes, our technicians or specifically plumbers are very much available.
  • Sewer Repair – In your sewer system, it is indeed possible for it to have root intrusions, cracks, and industrial damage that is why we have sewer repair. This encompasses of commercial, industrial, and residential repairs. However, please bear in mind that once there is something wrong with your sewer, let us know your problem immediately. As the problem goes unsolved, it becomes more severe.
  • Home remodeling – Once you don’t like how your plumbing system have built, we can remodel it. We work depending on your interests and needs.
  • Waterline Repair– If the water that comes out from your faucet or shower is less than the usual, it’s a manifestation that either your faucet is not functioning or the waterline is clogged by dirt.
  • Pipe Bursting – This is a very difficult problem to be solved, but at Plumbing Katy, we make it as easy as pie.
  • Tank less water heater installation – When you want to try different water heater, we have tank less. This is more efficient and effective.

Why choose us?

  1. We have a live representative 24/7. Since we treat you very special, we have a representative that will be there to answer all of your questions. To provide you with the plumbers that you need. To set the day when the plumbers will come to your business or residential premises. Or in other words, all of your needs will be addressed by our live representative.
  2. 24/7 Emergency Service. Since the need for a plumber will arise anytime, our workers are available 24/7. We made this kind of service because we really love all of our customers including you.
  3. Fast service. We, at Katy TX Plumbing have a fast service. As you notice some of the plumbing companies out there make their service for a long period of time maybe because they want to make profits from the people. However, we make our job as fast as we can so that you will not be worried or irritated anymore.
  4. Friendly Service. Our representative, plumbers and other personnel are professional by heart. We treat our customers as our family and no one will be treated as different.
  5. You will no longer find us with so much effort. By just using your phone, you can be able to look for us.
  6. Complete service for commercial repairs. Our residential plumbers can be able to provide complete commercial repairs and vice versa which means our workers is really versatile enough.
  7. Full service for residential repairs. Since we do have a lot of things to offer, we let our plumbers attend trainings and seminars for them to do their assigned job well.
  8. Our service is guaranteed. If in case you will not be contented of our service, we will do the job again without fees. Plumbing Katy TX has been known for the business for providing quality customer service and with unending commitment. We can assure you that trusting your plumbing problems to us is not about wasting your time but it’s about allowing you to see a difference.